Friday Feels: Writing Inspiration

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my WIP, Constellations of You, lately as I build my desk and plan out some of the later scenes (yes, plan! and I used to be no planner at all... I think I've turned into a plan-tser if that's a thing?).

Spacey image inspiring

Spacey image inspiring

One thing that's been inspiring me is this haunting song by Lord Huron. It definitely has the kind of vibes that drives me forwards with this novel. It asks a question and my mind yearns to find the answer.

Recently, devoid of AC in my beat-up car, I've been driving to work with my windows down, with one arm resting outside feeling the breeze in the already sizzling morning, listening to this song. I can't decide whether this song is a part of me or a part of my novel or both all at once.

Either way, a couple of rounds of this and I'm so ready to write and put to paper all the thoughts in my head that twirl like the cosmos does.

Often I find it's the simple things that inspire me to pick up a pen and write. And, the more I'm open to it the more it happens. It's like inspiration is a gate, and you only need nudge it open for an ocean of ideas to gush forward.

What's your inspiration?

Lord Huron, Lost in Time and Space