Seize the Day: Extreme Weather(?)

The other night, right in the middle of writing in my (slightly) dumb organiser because one of my goals this year is at least to pretend to be an organised person and honestly it's not going well, and somewhere in between writing down stupendous goals for myself I aspire to fulfil this week and chewing on my pen, a tsunami warning was issued for where I live. I didn't receive this information from the local government until after the fact. But I did get a message from a friend. And that's what friends are for really.

It sounds particularly dumb after the warning was called off and nothing happened but it gave me a very real SEIZE THE DAY vibe waiting up until the small hours for aftershocks.

I was still aware I had to go into work tomorrow (all being well with the world) but it got me seriously thinking what I want to achieve this year as well as how far I've come. I live in the most incredible place (tsunamis aside) and this year I have my health too. I'm probably healthier than I've ever been. A decade of eating sweets and pastries for breakfast was starting to catch up with me).

My day seizing this year will be done in the form of writing exactly what I want. From random circus things to quick blog posts. I want to see where it takes me.

A lot can happen in a year and I want to enjoy every day.

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