The Elusive Nature of Sleep (Yoga reflections)

Sometimes, as I've mentioned before, I do yoga. I find it helps me get into the mood for writing when I'm just not there yet. It also keeps me limber. This yoga video is actually my all time favourite for those slightly insomnia based moments I'm sure we all have in these weird cycles.

I have always had a weird relationship with sleep. When I'm asleep I'm generally good. I don't tend to wake up too much except if I sleepwalk (a story for another day but FYI I sleep walk). That said I've always had trouble getting to sleep. I can't just simply close my eyes and wait and eventually fall asleep (often that results in me lying with my eyes closed for hours still wide awake). Breathing doesn't simply relax me into a slumber. Lavender oil doesn't send me into the land of nod.

Sleep is, occasionally, completely elusive to me too. And when I'm having trouble locating my sleep this kind of yoga really helps.

There's a certain kind of stress you that pulses through you when everyone else is sleeping and you're can't.  Sleep is something essential that we take for granted. In the moments where I can't find it is when I miss it the most. This yoga calms me away from the stress of not getting REM enough that I can at least lie in the dark, and tell myself a story in my mind for a few hours. Which is sort of like sleeping if you think about it.

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