Hello New Year: Writing Goals

Happy New Year! I feel like we've all been on quite a journey in 2017 but here we are, survivors of the year, welcoming in a new one. I can't wait to see what the year holds for us! I'm ready to set writing goals for this year too.

Last year had its ups (and major downs) but I've stumbled into a place in my life where I'm truly happy. Not so content as to never try things, and not want to improve, but happy all the same. On thing I've noticed during my time on this earth is that I write best when I'm not sad.

I never could have imagined I'd end up living 4000 miles from my family, on a little strip of paradise in the Caribbean. Or that I'd take up sports, and end up throwing a Frisbee around with close friends on a beach somewhere in Florida over Christmas. For these last few months of sunshine and joy, I'm eternally grateful.

Caribbean Writer Writing goals

Caribbean Writer Writing goals

Last year I had a narrowing view of the future. I was convinced things could never change. How wrong I was! This year I'm certain things will change again and I can't wait for the stories I'll have as a result of it. Anything can happen in a year, and it's as thrilling as the first blank page of a novel.

Onto my writing goals: I start every year convinced that I'll finish whatever manuscript I'm working on and generally BE SUPER AWESOMELY PRODUCTIVE. Often, halfway through a year, I begin to feel like I'm not being productive enough. This year I'm going to focus on just writing for me again and nobody else because, above all other ambitions I hold dear, I want to become a joy-seeker in this life.

What are your writing goals (and other) for 2018?

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