Nanowrimo 2017


Nanowrimo in the heat is v different from what I'm used to. Gone are the days of curling up in three, maybe four, blankets balancing a piping hot mug of tea on my lap along with a laptop and desperately trying to forget how cold I am as I type words towards my daily goal 🌨

These days my legs stick to leather sofas (tmi?) as I continually forget how little I'm wearing in my shared living room because heat🔥🔥, and the tick tick tick of the ceiling fan counts down the minutes I've spent staring at my screen💻.

The issue with getting words down, however, remains the same.

This year during Nanowrimo, that month of writing where people around the world try to write a novel in one month, I'm trying to use my accumulated knowledge from years of writing to make sure I keep on track and, most of all and as always, have fun with this month 😉 I've written before on the subject but I always think it's useful to remind myself at the beginning of the month what I'm trying to achieve. Anyway here are some things I'm trying to keep in mind this year include:

  • Remember this is an opportunity and there's no pressure beyond the pressure I place on myself
  • Remember this is an experience and a chance to experiment if I want to
  • Remember to have fun

What are your goals for Nanowrimo?

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