Extended Interlude: Caribbean


Okay, so I've only been in the Caribbean a few weeks so maybe this is not an extended interlude yet but I'm thinking it will be for the next few years so.... here's what I've learned so far🌴🍍🍍

Food here is expensive

I knew this before I came so this hasn't been a total shock but idk just in case already in under one hundred words of this post you are sold on moving to a tropical island 🌴 and starting your writing career just keep in mind the price of food etc. Writerly snacks are probably at least three or four time what you're used to paying. I feel like that's fine for what you get (ie rolling white sand beaches on your doorstep) but it's not for everyone.

Hearts here are open

People are, imho, predominantly good all around the world but people here are so good it makes you want to cry. Maybe it's the small island vibe. Maybe it's something I can't put my finger on right now. Whatever the reason it warms your heart and helps you better understand the meaning of community.

Books are hard to bring with you and harder to come by

I've always been a physical book kind of person but out here I'm relying on my kindle.  I have to. Initially I was worried I'd never survive without my 400 book collection to leaf through whenever I wanted but I'm finding now that I can. I even enjoy my kindle a lot more than I thought I would. I like knowing the humidity isn't ruining the pages of my books, and that I can instantly buy and read books whenever I want. Out here, instant is a rare thing.

Even in a few weeks I have adapted

Somehow now driving only fifteen minutes somewhere seems like a lifetime of driving that I don't always want to do. Somehow A/C has become something far too cold for me to bother turning on most days. Somehow I'm becoming more Caribbean by the day. And I think that's okay.

There aren't as many pirates and there isn't as much rum as you think

I love being on US time

I love knowing that I can go to certain conferences and events if I want and not just have to stare jealously across the Atlantic dreaming of the day I might get there. I love knowing I can talk to author buddies and go to webinars and it not be 3am on a Wednesday morning and I'm going to die in work tomorrow.

I love writing

Not always but sometimes on the beach. Not always but sometimes by the pool. Always with glee and reckless abandon. Always knowing we're on Caribbean time here so there's no rush to get to my next thing and I have then time to pen a few words at least.

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