What I'm Writing


I often tend to keep what I'm writing quiet. This is because mostly, for the past however many years, I have been a firm panster, write whatever springs to mind, follow the characters kind of person. Often, this means I have no idea what I'm writing until the end. Plot comes afterwards. Recently I'm trying a hybrid of not planning and planning that I call Plantsing. I still let my words wander across Great Plains of mystery but there is a plan, there's even a vague plot. It's great. I'm loving it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to save endless nights of confusion and crying into my cold cup of tea as I realise I need to rewrite everything.

Because of this there are many things I can tell you about what I'm writing currently. I even have a vague pitch:


Haunted by a radio signal received by her parents when she was a child, Atlas Brown is searching the skies for her astronaut sister lost on an intergalactic mission. Without parents to tell her not to, when an interstellar cruiser crash-lands just outside her local base Atlas bargains her way onto the ship determined to go out and find her family. Atlas will have to face the reality of space travel, and her own family, before she'll come close to discovering what happened to the ship her sister left on.

This is a book about siblings, and the vast distances and time differences of space, and finding your place in the galaxy. This is a story about a haunting melody sent across the abyss of space, hope, dying planets, and misremembering the best parts of a person to save yourself from the worst.

I had a dream about this a few years ago, but it wasn't until a few months ago that I felt like I could articulate what happened in my dream.

I'm really excited to carry on writing this and explore where the words take me.

What are you writing right now?