5 ways to write better this year


For me, 2017 is a year of really pushing the boat out with writing (both in terms of finding time to do it, and in terms of how I do it) and so I want to share some things that have really been helping me write for the two months thus far that we have experienced in this year! You can use these to write better manuscripts, emails, blogposts, or even essays tbh.

By the power vested in me as an adult who is a grown up..1. Rethinking

One thing that's gotten me really far along in rewriting has been rethinking what I'm doing completely (in my manuscript not in life hahahahahahahahaha... *stares at you*) and then accepting that some things have either a) got to go or b) need re-doing. Sometimes it's daunting to stare at five chapters (or in the case of a really v important top email maybe five paragraphs) when there's a small voice in your head telling you what you secretly know is true -- that this needs reworking -- but at the same time there's another small voice reminding you how excited you were when you wrote this bit thinking it would be, maybe, the last time. Sometimes, you have to kill your darlings to set the writing free.

2. Rewriting

Obviously, first, write. Write until your fingers give out and your heart feels drained. Tap a vein and cover a page. Write until it's done. Then, more importantly, rewrite. Find new ways to say what the story demands, delve deeper into the characters, begin to truly understand what you are writing. Rewriting can be hard but it can also be fun! Embrace the chance to change direction completely, or change the tone.

She rewrites her rewrites

3. Relaxing

I don't think I've ever written something particularly great when I'm not in the zone. Not being in the zone is not an excuse to not sit down and type but! I think it's super important to settle into the chair and relax a little while you write. Light a candle, or two, or three, or a million. Whatever works...

Light a candle or two or three or a million

4. Reading more

Good words fuel good ideas. I've always considered surrounding yourself by great books to be a great way to learn new techniques, as well as relax occasionally from writing. There's room for everyone who wants to in this world to write and enjoy it, so why not support some people along the way too? Read inside your genre, then jump a divide and read outside of it. Read things you wouldn't really normally pick up, then treat yourself with something you've been waiting for all year.

Reading with tea

5. Realising

That you have the ability to do this. That you were made for writing just as this story seems made for you. That no matter what, you can do this. That there are so many people who don't even know you that well but already completely and utterly believe in you. That the power of belief is enough to make you into the writer you want to be. <3

You can do it

What are your writing tips for 2017?