What to Do When You Have Two Manuscripts You Can't Choose Between


Here's the thing, this happens to us all. Here's another v pertinent thing: you can choose.

It's like choosing between babies or your favourite Great British Bake Off stars, sure.


But you can choose. I've had a couple of MS's on the go for one reason or another before, and although both start off equal normally one pulls me more than the other. Normally one is finished long before I get into the bulk of the other.

Your preference may be very 'of the moment' but it's still a preference. Trust your judgement! Go with what calls to you!


There are many facets of you, and so there may be many books within you. That's super okay. It's also super okay to choose one above the rest, for now. It's super okay to be something one day and somebody else the next. This is called growing, and hopefully your readers will grow with you. :)

Some people might tell you to be calculating, choose what will sell best, but I think that's not the case. Anything will sell well if you put your heart into it. You can write whatever you please. Follow your heart <3