How to find your centre during Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo is a hard time of year for writers, so is any time of year imho because sometimes writing is hard! Sure, it's fun. Absolutely, it's the stuff we live for. But that doesn't mean it's not difficult occasionally. You can lose yourself to writing sometimes, and forget who you are -- there are those who lose themselves to the emotions they portray too, and that can make things hard. When the going gets tough for me I like to look outside for a while (sometimes even go into that great outside, but only sometimes because rn it is like super cold and I super like it most when my fingers don't go white) and marvel. img_8035I find great joy in the outdoors, in people, and in moments. I find myself in breathing in the smallest of moments and enjoying it. Sunsets are my favourite -- followed closely by sunrises but honestly for like 90 percent of all sunrises I am too asleep to see them -- maybe because they mark change or the passage of time or the boundaries between the past and present. Maybe just because they're pretty.

How do you break away from writing?