An Orcadian Interlude


Briefly, and very recently, I went to orkney. I was there for a festival, touring some science stuff I had in a van (this sounds weirder than is was...). It was great and because the weather was lovely I got to explore the islands too! Everything was so beautiful! I'm glad I went. [supsystic-gallery id=14]

It's weird being so close to home and yet so far away. Everything was different and yet kind of the same. Everything was beautiful too, in its own special way.


I've spent most of my life learning about sites on Orkney, about storms that reveal hidden villages and the like. There's nothing quite like being there though. Nothing can replace the feel of a place -- the occasional biting winds couple with glorious golden light. An accent unfamiliar to my ears, and people willing to tell you their entire life story and hear your own if you give them a chance.

I loved Orkney. I hope it's not too long until I get to visit again.