Secret Things You Can Do On Twitter: Tip #3 Tweeting Without Internet

So here's the thing, Twitter was set up as the idea of a way of a person using SMS texts to communicate with small groups. True to its roots, you can still use SMS to tweet and it's super easy! I often do this when I'm in an impenetrable bunker with no wifi or when I'm at a conference where there's no data signal but the wifi is being stifled by so many eager people tweeting at once.

So how do you set it up? Easy!

What you do is send a text to 40404 in the US or 86444 in the UK (you can find all the Twitter numbers across the world here) with the word START.

Text Message

Twitter will reply asking you if you have an account. It's super easy to sign in, just reply YES and sign in via SMS!

And there you have it! Now you can tweet from texts. Twitter will text you various options while you're using it via text, as well as tweeting you can specify who to follow and while you're signed in you'll receive all your notifications via text. To sign out you just need to text STOP to Twitter.

Text MessageBecause this is a text message, it's easy to keep track of your character counts too. You have to manage yourself -- if you text 170 characters the message will send but cut out at 140 characters -- but it's pretty easy to do.

Text Message 3