14 Writing Prompts To Boost Your Word Count

1 Your mc has a nose bleed 2 Your mc does not have a nose bleed. In fact, your mc does not have blood. Who are they? What circumstances confounded together to mean their veins are without blood?

3 Somewhere, every now and then, a board meet to discuss the mapping of the internet. Explore what happens when they encounter Suprious Correlations for the first time.

4 Every five years, on the 20 February, everyone's shadows disappear.

5 Clickbait titles are used as street names in the future. Explore a world full of click bait.

6 Your characters are discussing you and all the concerns they have with what you've done to them

7 Your mc is locked in a room with a box. Without warning the box begins to tick.

8 Your mc gets the password to your email account.

9 Write a letter to your mc leaving instructions for a day in your life

10 Your mc is squatting in an interstellar merchant vessel and wakes up one evening to discover they've gotten themselves stuck in the middle of a galactic war zone.

11 "This is how a time heist begins, with me watching myself walk out of those glass doors and feeling time splitting my molecules in two."

12 "The day they cut my arm off was a Wednesday"

13 Your teapoons have been falling through a hole in space-time to the teaspoon dimension. One day, as a worker sifts through the cutlery, a stained knife falls through.

14 Your last meal is the only meal your mc can eat for the next month, such are the consequences of paradoxical time travel