Secret Things You Can Do On Twitter: Tip #1 Retweets

Some people think you cannot schedule a retweet on Twitter without making it a quote. This is both true and not true. On Twitter you cannot schedule a retweet as of 2016. That doesn't mean there aren't other ways to schedule retweets. My favourite way to schedule retweets is through Buffer. All you need to do in order to be able to retweet on a schedule or days into the future is download the chrome extension for Buffer. It's subtle, but you'll notice once you have this when you login to Twitter on the website there will be a Buffer icon on essentially every tweet you see.

Julie Tweet

If you click on this button while in Twitter a new tab will open in Buffer (Buffer is free for up to three social media accounts so if you haven't already definitely sign up! you'll need to in order to do the next bit). You'll see something similar to the picture below: a box with the tweet you selected, your social media accounts all automatically selected, and space to add your own comment.

Buffer RT

If you want this to look like a straight up retweet don't add in any comments and deselect any accounts that aren't Twitter based.

Add to your queue (or select schedule from the dropdown menu or you can share next) and you're done! Retweet scheduled for another time in a way that looks nice.