How To Find The Best Time To Write

Some people say 5am is the best time to write (or anytime super duper early in the morning just thinking about 5am in the morning gives me a slight headache omg). I have tried this on multiple occasions and idk maybe I'm doing something wrong but it is definitely not the best time for me. What works for me is writing as soon as I wake up (guaranteed not to be 5am!) because when I wake up I'm still in that relaxed post-sleep state of mind that will happily churn out words before breakfast. Science actually supports this,  but even if it didn't for me this was the result of a long journey to finding out when I can best write. You can do it too! It's easy peasy. Here's what worked for me:  

1. Try every time before you narrow down those times:

You can't know if a time doesn't suit you until you try it. Sure, it's best to carefully plan if you're going to try late night or early morning word sprints but try nonetheless. You can't know if a time doesn't work unless you try.

2. Read up on what others do:

There is an old maxim that goes a little bit like this, "know the rules well, so you can break them effectively." This is true in so many things. In a way, it's true of finding the best time to write for you too. Knowing what should work and works for others will help you figure out when is best for you. There's a wealth

3. Know thyself:

If you're usually busy in the evenings maybe acknowledge that to yourself. Understand that evenings might not be the best time for you. Unless you're blessed with super flexibility you're going to have to work around things in your life that can't be rescheduled. Maybe you have meetings you need to attend, playdates you have to make, or classes that are predetermined. That's okay. Being realistic about your schedule because of these things will help a lot.

4. Stay positive:

Just because you haven't found your idea time (and environment) yet doesn't mean that you won't ever find it! It takes time to discover what works for you. Be patient with yourself.

5. Be flexible

Understand that as your life changes your ideal times to write are going to change too. We grow as people and as we grow our writing habits can change too. It's okay for that to happen. Don't fight it. The past is a foreign country we don't live in anymore, we don't have to cling onto the schedule that once worked for us forever. It's also important imho to sometimes understand you're going to have to force yourself to write sometimes. Sometimes your schedule won't be ideal. Sometimes life will get in the way. Sometimes you're just going to have to sit down in that chair, open a vein, and bleed words.

Writing is hard gif

Have you found your ideal time to write? How did you find it?