Reading Habits: An Analysis

I go through phases with food. I think I go through phases with books too.

One time for about an entire month all I survived on was crunchy nut clusters. Another time for no real reason I became obsessed with eggs. Baked potatoes were on the menu for a while, then for a while only stir fry. I've been off stir-fry for a year trying to get over the way it makes me feel now (which is bad, very BAD).

I’ll always love YA books but all the same I have my dalliances when it comes to reading. I have my fun with romance (okay omg I love romance I may never stop they are like the gummy bears of the fiction world) then sometimes I delve into historical stuff. I’ll binge on detective novels for a month only to switch to fantasy in an instant and then immediately nose dive into horror. Like my eating habits, my reading habits are all over the place. Sometimes, in the past, I have felt bad about this. Sometimes I have thought I should dedicate myself to one area of reading. Mostly I have learnt not to care. Can't control a whim.

My eating and reading habits are very of the moment — determined either by a whim or a deep craving, I follow my senses.

Is this a totally fool proof meal-planning/book-reading system? Of course not. Do I 100% recommend doing what I do? Absolutely not. It's exhausting not following a system. Do I love every minute of my book and gastronomic adventures? I do. I actually do.

Sometimes that 50p book you pick up at the charity shop is the next book that will change your life.