Toning it Down

InsecureWritersSupportGroup I find it difficult to turn off my inner editor when I'm writing -- you could say I find it almost impossible.

Sometimes in the midst of a good playlist or when I'm too tired to spell I can feel it waning, and finally loosening it's grip. It'll return in no time, though. Could be later in the day or could be early the next morning shaking me awake urging me to fiddle with the words I so comfortably wrote the night before.

I'm not sure how I can shake my inner editor but I know that I should. She slows down writing when my manuscripts near their conclusion, telling me to go back and redo the entire thing even before I've written "THE END"*

She gets in the way, and pushes me aside when a line isn't written just so.

She's picky and honestly I think a tiny bit grumpy all of the time.

She never laughs at my jokes, and sometimes even deletes them telling me it's for the better.

Anyway, I have a problem with my inner editor -- she's taking over. This year I'm trying to turn her down a little, give her cup of tea and tell her to relax and that kind of thing. It doesn't work all of the time but the more I take charge, and tell myself that this isn't editing time it's writing time, the more I see her chill out.

I just hope by the time I'm done she's not so laid back she's recumbent

How do you tone your inner editor down?


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*I rewrote that sentence three times, I'm not even going to pretend otherwise