How To Make Your Own Organisational Planner: In 25 Steps

I made a free planner a while back in a fit of productivity, and I think you can too if you want! It's easy. I'm going to show you how: 1. Begin with the vague notion that in order to write better you need to be more organised

2. Naturally assume in order to do this what you need to create is essentially one really big list

3 Decide that this list is called an organisational planner

4. Create a really really big list. Use Adobe Illustrator or a program of your choice -- you'll use Illustrator though because you have this 30 day free trial and you're slightly hyped up on cold medicine anyway so everything seems like a good idea

5 (optional) Realise you should have used Adobe InDesign because that is where your skills truly lie but struggle on with Illustrator out of defiance and take at least twice as long as you would have if you had done it the right way to start with

6 Actually research what organisational planners look like, you have no clear idea

7 Decide to wing it and forget about all the tips you've just read online

8 Choose a theme (my theme was THINGS THAT I LIKE)

9 Note to self: broad themes are probably fine and in no way confusing

10 Spend a million years writing a foreword that nobody but you will ever really read

Screenshot 2016-03-30 21.57.05

11 Struggle with working out how many days there are in any given month. 28, 31, 29? 30 is probably fine.

12 Leave plenty of room for social events you will never attend because you're a writer (& assume in the unlikely event you are invited to a social occasion that you will forget)


13 Create a lot of areas you will later claim are for colouring in but were purely procrastination at the time you made them.


14 Hydrate.

15 By hydrate I mean drink plenty of tea

16 If possible it's best at this point to over-hydrate on tea

17 Begin sweating profusely

18 Notice all the typos in all the various pages you've made

19 Sweat more

20 Create some quirky fun pages about reading and then forget you have them


21 Submit to printer

22 Get told you didn't follow their template

23 Kick self

24 Resubmit

25 Ad Infinitum until they finally cave and accept that you'll just keep resubmitting until they print this stupidly long list so why not just print the thing and be done with it.


And that's it! Making the planner was actually quite a lot of fun in between sweating profusely and forgetting how many days were in a week. I'm enjoying using it too (and I've had good feedback so far!). Even after all my checks there are several mistakes with the month pages but, as a first pass, I really like it.

dowload-01 copy

What ways are you getting organised this year? I mean, no judgement if you aren't. We've already established that the reason I made this planner was because I thought it would be like a really long list and that lists made me organised but... I've since realised that's not really the way the world works so NO JUDGEMENT.