How to dye your hair purple ombre

1 get notion into mind that purple hair is the way forward for you 2 six to nine months of bleaching hair later pat self on back for bleaching well done

3 now actually buy some purple hair dye

4 spend three to five days cutting tiny chunks of hair off and dying to test

5 consider not dying hair

6 dye it anyway

7 section hair into chunks for easy application

8 later, you will flagrantly ignore these chunks

9 apply hair dye with tiny brush against some foil

10 forget to put on gloves

11 realise the brush is getting you nowhere

12 massage dye and hair with hands

13 job well done

14 repeat all over hair until you notice you have purple hair dye on forehead

15 because you spend six to nine months preparing for this hair dye you only went and bought the most permanent semi-permanent hair dye that exists

16 mentally kick self

17 accept the purple blotch on your forehead

18 become one with the purple smear on your neck

19 is your hair purple or is purple your hair, that is the question now

20 you have always been purple, there is no other colour

21 strategically ignore stains on wall, floor, and bath

22 wrap hair up in foil

23 realise hands are now covered in purple hair dye and spend an age trying to get hair dye off

24 try acetone

25 try oil

26 try all the soaps

27 try waving your hands around like you just don't care

28 finally, just bleach your hands

29 bleach 'em there's nothing else for it

30 wonder if you'll ever actually become an adult or is that something that will evade you forever

31 be happy with only mildy purple palms and thumbs that look like they've been giving out fingerprints for police records

35 FIN

Purple Hair