How You Know You're Onto A Winner

In general, I like doing things by feeling. I base editing as much on fact as I do on how a paragraph or phrase makes me feel. If it makes me feel nothing at all, often I get rid of it completely. Life is too short for unemotional stories imho. I like to think I know a good book, or a story worth knowing, not by how much I like it but by how much it makes me feel.

The books that haunt me, and those that follow me around for days, are the ones I know are important. The stories that coddle me in a fluffy blanket and then beat me sideways from outside of it are the ones that I end up absorbing.

I like to think I am an amalgamation of books I have read, good and bad. I like to think the books that make me who I am are the ones that destroyed me in no small way. They are the ones that spun me around and shoved me broken into a corner, only to offer me a gentle reprise a few hundred pages later.

I like to think you can know when you're onto a winner. Whether you're absorbing it or in the act of making it, I like to think that good fiction makes waves.

What do you think makes good fiction?