Creativity Hacks: Taking Pictures

I've declared my love of pictures more than once over here but it's worth repeating because I really do think it helps creativity flow when you have a camera (or, honestly nowadays what is just as good, a phone) in your hands so let's explore the marvellous world of photography

Why to Picture

Most often it seems people either like to take pictures of the big moments in their lives or food, sometimes these two are combined. Both are great to do but something just as fun is taking pictures of the things around you on a walk or outside your door. Framing a view has a weird way of changing a point of view, something that looked mundane yesterday looks magical through a lens. Being on the hunt for a good photo relaxes your hands, and eyes, and mind. The best photographers take a million photos looking for that one perfect picture — slowly, taking pictures let's you give yourself permission to suck.

People are always bandying around the phrase "give yourself permission to suck" like it's something you can just wake up one morning and do; as if it's a switch you just have to flick before you tumble out of bed. If you're anything like me maybe you need a little more encouragement than that to actually give yourself permission to suck. For me, taking pictures is a way of doing this. Slowly, I stop looking for perfect the first time around. Slowly, the creativity seeps back in. Before I know it I've solved a thousand plot holes I didn't know I had. Plus, sometimes you just have to let your mind work on a problem you know?

Where to Picture

You can essentially picture anywhere. So long as there's not an ominous "NO PHOTOGRAPHY" sign nearby then pictures are an achievable thing. You don't really need a camera either. When I'm taking pictures I start to get the eye for good ones, and I spot them without my viewfinder. You could wander around without a camera, telling yourself you're looking for the perfect picture composition, and then take a mental snapshot, and achieve similar results. Of course, if you want actual pictures to look at after you adventure you may want to consider taking a camera with you.

Taking Pic

When to Picture

This is completely up to you! Some picture-takers get up super early and watch the sun rise — never been a particular draw for me to get up at 5 in the AM but if it sounds like fun give it a go. Sometimes the best photos are at dusk and dawn, when the sun lights things up in unusual ways. Sometimes the best photos are at neither dusk nor dawn.

A great part of picture taking is that it can be sociable. If you're in need of company, but also a creativity boost, take a companion along and get their input.

Do you take pictures?