Finding A Place & Time To Write

InsecureWritersSupportGroup Last year, I really struggled to find the place & time to write. I'd write when I could in brief half an hour stints, but there'd never be a set time or place that I'd dedicate to myself and writing. I find I struggle to find the space in my mind and in my house to write these days — I abandon laundry to write and then feel so bad about not doing laundry that I abandon words to tend to that.

This year I'm trying to change. I made a planner, and now I schedule-in time to actually write. I don't feel so bad about it when it's scheduled in, and somehow planning time to write means I feel compelled to do it. It's part of a schedule, and that feels more legitimate somehow.

The hardest thing now isn't finding the time; it's finding the space, a place where I can write. I'm still experimenting with where this can be —coffee houses don't hold the answer for me, and neither does writing in the kitchen or on the sofa. The bed calls to me, and I do some of my best typing from it, but I sometimes wonder if I'm missing a trick or a great place I could be writing.

How do you find a place to write?

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Update: I built myself a desk!! Best thing I have ever done. Every writer needs a desk.