2016 Planner Giveaway

The premise

If you're anything like me, with January comes this overwhelming need to get organised. This month is a little bit like pushing off on a really tall waterslide that didn't look that tall when you started but now it occurs to you that this thing is really fast and does anyone remember how to swim?

A year is 365 chances to change the plan and as many sunsets to change your mind but I'm pretty sure you can't do this without actually making a plan first and so in January, almost every year without fail, I find and buy a planner. This year. I couldn't find a planner I liked at a price I didn't think ate far too much into my buying-all-the-books-fund, so I made one myself. This year, instead of just buying a planner I've made one that you can download too.

So what's inside the planner?

1. Inspiring go get 'em pages


2. Monthly Overviews

Marchaugust copydeceweek

special features include:

  • a part for listing your fave books of the month
  • a place for reflecting on what you'll use the month for
  • a quote to help you along in the month
  • deadlinesquotethe most important part of all a Colour Me Fabulous section for all the times you really need to doodle — every month is slightly different and every month looks fab, for example August looks like so:


3. Weekly Overviews


4. Miscellaneous Useful Pages


  • Story Ideas Pages
  • 2016 Goals Page
  • To Be Read List
  • Fave Reads 2016
  • Book Purchases list
  • Blank pages for Notes

The future

But that's not all! I'm making a Wanderlust Planner & Story Planner to fit in with this planner that I'll giveaway in the coming months!  Throughout the year I'm going to make more pages too. I'd love your suggestions. For me, travel and writing have always been the things that call to my heart so that's where I intend to start but in the future I'd love to make other themed pages. What do you need from a planner? What sub-sections are missing? Remember to download the whole planner below!

At the moment the files are organised into Monthly, Weekly, Quotes, and Misc, but I could upload the planner files I made for the physical copies if people prefer to have the pages all set out? Let me know!

dowload-01 copy

If you're like me and would prefer the real paper thing, I have two living and breathing planners to giveaway to two lucky people! All you need to do is enter the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post before 26 Jan 2015. International entries welcome.


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