Nanowrimo reflections

The way I see it, Nanowrimo is almost over. I've learnt a lot in 21 short days. I have learnt that I can write even when I don't particularly want to, and that I can do it well — something I think I had completely forgotten I have learnt that words can still surprise me, creeping up on me in the night and following me around through the mornings. I have also learnt to look after myself a little better. I have occasionally traded in chocolate for green things, and sometimes not only eaten gummy bears for three days straight. I have even managed to balance going to a gym where they do actual exercise and what not with writing every single day.

Occasionally, I have even gone outside on non writing related jaunts.


I have met people and made plans, and still been home before the stroke of midnight to dutifully type down those words in an effort to prove to myself that I do love writing. I do, and after this month I know I can say that with complete confidence.

I have enjoyed writing by fairy lights and then in darkness, the soft tapping of my keys keeping my companion (slightly) awake.

November is often a time of introspection for me; I happen to have a birthday three days before its end and everybody knows that when you're a grown up birthdays are less of a glorious cake induced vomit fest and a little more of a life crisis induced state of being. Different methods, similar results. This November has been made a little different for me not just because of Nanowrimo, but because of how I have approached it.

I have used it to come to the realisation that all of the above are things that I already knew somewhere deep down inside me. I have used it to pleasantly wandered along the Nanowrimo trail smelling the roses and enjoying their scents.

How is your November going? Is it snowing where you are too because omg I love it when it snows in November! It's like a winter wonderland here.