How to write a novel in 30 days

A month of words is upon us. This year I am using Nanowrimo to get back into simply enjoying blank pages, and the call of word sprints. I feel like I've been editing for far to long, so there's something very freeing about just writing for the love of words. I've been doing National Novel Writing Month for a while now, using it for whole books and sometimes just as a fun break so I figured this was the year I give out some real tips (not just my annual bad tips) about joining in with a little something called Nanowrimo:

#1 Get excited

This month is open to everyone and anyone but it seems to me to work best when, whoever you are, you get excited. Pump yourself up and feel enthusiastic! Understand that this month is full of possibilities and in under thirty days you will have something to look back on and be proud of. Join in with the fun (whether it is the 1st or 30th of November) and meet new people! Be the change you want to see in yourself! YEAH!


#2 Don't get the fear

We writers are hardy stock. We shall not bulk at the thought of empty pages. We will not falter in the face of word count deadlines. We are like rock against the coastline facing the ongoing storm. We shall not be afraid of our own inner demons.

#3 Except everyone gets the fear, so let the fear fuel you

We writers are also sensitive folk. We do get the fear even if we are as sturdy as rock on the coastline facing a tempest. Fear is what keeps us alive and we will use it to drive us. We will let our fear of falling behind push us to late night word sprints on days when we'd rather not be writing. We will fuel our hearts and minds with that nervous sweating you get when you realise it's 11:57pm and in 3 minutes the daily word goals will reset and you need to get ahead of them. We will write because it is all that there is left to cling to when we are afraid that, in fact, this novel has no substance.


#4 Be friendly

It might feel super competitive, but there's no reason you can't make friends in this race for the most words in November. And! There's no reason you can't go at your own pace. There's no reason why you can't wear hats backwards, dance outside in your undies, and eat catfood from the tin during November as well but there is super duper no reason why you can't be friendly to people! Nights of not sleeping, and constant caffeine drips, make Nanowrimo a great place to find friends! Their forums are full of the chats.

#5 Enjoy yourself

Imho Nanowrimo is not really for writing 50,000+ of absolute genius or becoming the next bestselling author. If you start November with a blank page and no idea where you're going accept that you might take the long route, or the confusing route, or a route with no plot or little character agency, enjoy the fact that your Nanowrimo doesn't have to be a finished product. I mean, sure, it can be and maybe you're editing your book during November and that's fine but if this is your first time... just enjoy yourself first Nanowrimo and let everything else happen second.

What are your Nanowrimo tips? I love that Nanowrimo is an introduction into writing for many people! It's great to see so many words being written in the month of November.