Rewrites & New Ideas

I often find that when I am right in the midst of rewrites, battling plot holes, typos, and somewhere deep inside also my inner demons, that a new completely different voice surfaces and starts to tell its story. I struggle to ignore this voice.

I battle in vain to focus.

And, then, when nothing else will temper it, I jot down its words in a notebook promising it I will return.

I'm not sure if this is the best approach to things -- invariably the voice hogs my pen, making the inner pad of my palm ache as it rattles on -- but its the best thing I can think of for now. I know to completely give in to the voice and take to my laptop would mean the death of my revisions.

Secretly, I hope that it never realises I hand-write the words to slow it down. To make it pause and get bogged down in ink for a moment. To halt the oncoming storm.

I hope that it never knows the lengths I do to in order to force it into pausing, to prioritise what I was working on before.

In some ways I'm scared that if it did ever cotton on it might wander off, and give itself to another, different, more responsive writer. In some ways I know that really, when it comes down to it, the words will always wait for me.

Good ideas fly in circles, I like to think, and sometimes letting them percolate is a good thing. A very good thing, maybe.

How do you focus on rewrites? Has a shiny new idea ever simply just taken over you? I sometimes let them override me for a bit. I like to have dalliances with new ideas. 

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