Five Healthy Writer Snacks & Delights

When I'm writing I often forget about the outside world and all the little things that on their own are meaningless but as a whole are pretty important to life. Things like taxes, and eye appointments, and insurances, and washing. Things like eating well, and drinking enough water, and sleeping more than five hours at a time. And, I'm not sure about you guys, but recently the eating thing has been getting to me. Either I don't eat at all, or I eat the worst foods imaginable but don't even have the satisfaction of really tasting what I'm putting in my mouth. When I'm writing I'm on auto pilot so I don't really notice what goes in. But my auto-pilot definitely has a sweet tooth. Anyway! To help me with this dilemma I've been exploring the world of healthier, easy, snacks that my auto-pilot can stand (and maybe your's can too!). Here are my top five:

1. Avocado & Seafood Salad This is fabulous because it's fast and tastes like a big meal. I have a thing for avocados, and with the right seafood sticks from the shop you're looking at a really light meal that fills you up. In the evenings I add rice to make this a hot delicious dish. What do I do: cut an avocado in half and twist to open, scoop out the insides with a spoon, mash with fork, open seafood sticks and cut into tiny pieces, mix together, add some salad leaves (& if you're feeling spicy some lime juice).

2. Eggy Potato It's in the evenings that my mind wanders to either no food or all the food, so eggy potato has served me well as an alternative. It has some yummy carbohydrates, but also protein and happens to taste delicious! What do I do: bake a potato, scoop out the insides and scramble with an egg, add some exciting extras like peppers or mushrooms or chilli, scoop the mixture back in the potato skins & grill... then you are done!

3. Melanzane Parmigiana This one takes a little longer but is easy, so easy, to prepare, and really hits the hunger I often get for some kind of pasta but is much better for you!  What do I do: Get an aubergine (egg plant in the USA?) and slice it thinly lengthways, place in frying pan to brown slightly, when brown, place in baking pasta dish (if you don't have one an ovenproof pan will be fab) as you would do for a dish using lasagne pasta, slather in pasta sauce of your choice (or just with some delicious tomatoes and garlic), lightly blanket in cheese, bake & delight in the results.

4. Scrambled Eggs with a twist My Chinese tutor taught me this one, and Shuya I am so grateful for this recipe! Thank you! Known as Xihongshi chao jidan (西红柿炒鸡蛋) this is delicious and takes under five minutes to prepare! I'm reasonably sure my version is a little different from the kind you'd get in China but dang it if it isn't delightful all the same. What do I do: Scramble some eggs in a pan, dice some tomatoes and add to the mix. Add in garlic and chives. Add some soy sauce if you like and you're done! To really cook in those juices you can add just a little water to the mix and simmer it off. You can also add noodles (or rice) if you're feeling super hungry.

5. Avocado Toast What can I say? Once you get a taste for avocados it's hard to stop! I love Avocado toast either with some tomatoes or, occasionally, a scrambled egg. It's delicious and instead of rolling out of bed on a weekend feeling awful as I chow down a pop tart hurriedly it really sets me up for a fab day. What do I do: mash an avocado as above, make some toast, and mix em together, add peppers or whatever you fancy to make it a little interesting.

I'm feeling hungry just thinking about these delightful snacks (okay some of them are meals!). What do you eat when you're writing? Obviously these favourites are only good in moderation etc etc, and honestly I still have pop tarts sometimes because man nothing beats that intense sugar rush!