26 Things I Love About Instagram (and you will too)

A little while ago I discovered a love of Instagram that almost transcends words. I love windows into other people's lives, and books, and trying new things on my profile and seeing what it feels like. I'm miahayson on instagram so if you're there I'd love to connect! If you're not, buckle in because I'm going to let you know why its fab for writers, readers, and almost everyone.


1. It's an alternative creative outlet (idk about you but sometimes I get so wiped out but the need to be creative is ever-present, fiddling with pics is a great outlet for when the words are all a little garbled)

2. The books on there are gorgeous! You can follow book tags like #bookstagram and #bookfetish and be blown away 3. Publishers like penguinukbooks and more post just the most fabulous pics 4. You can get super creative like abookreads 5. You can let others inspire you 6. Daredevils like this guy are there making us all feel just a little queasy from those heights 7. You can post little videos too 8. There's this on guy who follows his wife around the world taking pics of her hand 9. You meet people from all over the world 10. It doesn't even matter if you don't speak the same language 11. Pictures transcend words 12. You can use them to inspire you too though 13. It helps you think about how you see the world and how others see it 14. When you feel like words more than pictures, you can post those too 15. It's also a place to discover new books and find reviews

16. You don't have to be the best photographer ever, just a hopeful and enthusiastic person 17. The pictures of books are seriously fab tho 18. Using emojis on there is super fun ✨ 19.  In my experience people are super friendly on instagram 20.  I mean I cannot promise all instagrammers are, but I've yet to meet one who is mean 21.  You can use as many hashtags as you want, the sky is the limit! 22.  Meeting people ftw 23.  Like, seriously, you use a hashtag once and suddenly you're bff's with somebody across the globe 24.  It's great for finding writing prompts 25.  I just love playing with colour and pictures in general 26.  I love each and every person I follow on instagram.

There are some disadvantages admittedly! You can't post from your computer (that I know of), or schedule posts, so if those are deal breakers that's not great. I still think if you do have a phone that will post it is fab!  I'm looking to follow more people so if you're on there let me know!