A writing life balance is something I've been struggling with recently, and it seems the more I push to find one the harder it is to establish one. How do you balance things?  For me, writing and life seem more like avalanches rolling down the landscape of my life and gathering speed at an alarming rate but what feels most important are the following:
Trying new things
It seems silly to write it down, but it's easy to get caught up in the idea that a great schedule you've read about online will work definitely work for you too. I've found sometimes the best (that is, least wobbly) balances I've found come from trying out different things -- even things I'm super duper loath to try like getting up before 8am, writing on the go, or ditching a hobby in favour of words, or getting up before 8am (okay, real talk, I haven't tried that first and last one yet because of very important reasons including I just don't think I can do that...)
Changing often and without warning
People change all the time. We change moods, hats, and sometimes even personalities over time. It makes sense to change your routine once in a while too. I used to be a student, and super duper able to stay up until 5am writing the night away, but now I can't do that anymore. Well, okay, maybe that's not true. I mean I could stay up until 5am writing, sure, that'd be fine, but the 8am Mia would just be all kinds of mad at herself when she had to wake up again.
Accept failure
Trying new things can result in stuff not turning out the way you want, but I think the success at the end of a long road of "how to not balance your life and writing" is totes okay. More than okay. Things are going to go wrong once in a while and we just gotta deal.
Forgiving yourself
This is the biggest one for me. I'm super great at telling myself off for browsing the internet for an hour without writing one single word, or going to yoga instead of finishing that chapter, but what I've been working on recently is just forgiving myself once in a while. For me, guilt is the worst motivator when it comes to writing.
How do you balance things?