New Year Wishes

Happy new year! I've spent the holidays burning my toes on taps, reading books, and more books, and watching the clouds shift in the winter sky before returning to other books. I've also spent the time reflecting.

I said last year around this time that a year is 365 chances to revise the plan, and 365 ways in which to alter your course. I think that still holds true. The future sometimes scares me. The future still scares me (just like it did 365 days ago) but I think I spent the year doing things in spite of that. I spent my time developing unexpected interests, and becoming a working professional while still maintaining a determined air of I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING OH GOD SOMEBODY STOP ME WHERE IS THE BRAKE ON THIS THING?

I spent my year trying to figure out a lot of mysteries. I spent my year not solving a single one. I spent my year enjoying what I was doing, even if secretly I know I did too much of other things and not enough of the one thing I love. And I'm going to spend 2015 trying to find myself again.

How was your 2014?