Trying is an important question so it felt like the perfect cue for our next google writer questions post, in which we google the start of questions to discover what the people are asking google. We all try to do things. Trying is great. But why we try is, perhaps, a mystery to the outside world. Below are the most popular google questions pertaining to this subject.

Why do writers try to paraphrase their sources? If we all just wrote the same thing, in the same way, all of the time this would either result in a) nothing changing or the far more likely b) singularity -- a point in time and space so densely compact with information that it sucks us, the entire planet, and the solar system into it one rainy Saturday afternoon just before your washing machine stops whirring but just after you've realised you don't own a washing machine.

Why do writers try to write clearly? We did try writing unclearly for a while, but it was a pretty niche market. Vases were broken, handkerchiefs were lost, it was a glorious time to be alive but in the end after all of that crockery was destroyed somebody somewhere decided enough was enough and that words should, at the very least, be understandable when written into prose most of the time.

Why do writers tend to get anxious? The world is a very anxious place full of anxious things and, if anything, writers are by nature over-thinkers. You don't get to 76 000 words only on a wing and a prayer. Well, okay, maybe you do but you don't only get there on those things. At least 37 percent of all novels are made up of blatant overthinking so that other people don't have to. Writers might be anxious irl because they're just thinking about the series of events that won't but could lead to their demise on this public transport vehicle and what's going to happen to their twitter and how will they be remembered and hopefully cake at the wake etc etc. If you're referring to, like, anxious about books um they've just given you a piece of their soul! If anyone says they don't particularly care what you think when reading something they have drafted are lying and their pants are smoking. Bad pants. Pants was going to try e-cigarettes but is just too lazy.

Why do writers try to write clearly wikianswers? If there was ever a time and place for brevity,  clarity, and speed wikianswers is such a thing. It's really concerning to find a wikianswers,  unanswered and alone. It leaves you wondering whether she found a salve that worked, or if the blazing fire was put out.  Clarity is also great for your street rep. If you get voted the best answerer, I mean who isn't going to want to publish somebody with 123 up-voted wikianswer answers. That's some series pulling power. Like, that person has influence, yo.

Why do you think writers tend to get anxious? Do we or is it simply a stereotype? I am super great at hopping on planes and then imagining every single way that said aircraft could fall out of the sky and then telling everyone sitting next to me about it loudly even though, to them, talking about it is not going to help them have a great time.