Interlude: Iceland


[supsystic-gallery id=2 position=center] Recently, instead of trawling the internet for manatee gifs or making bad puns or dropping bookcases on my feet, I went to Iceland. It was wet, and incredibly cold, and amazingly windy. I was also very sick with a cold and spent a not insignificant part of my time confused by the simplest of things like what time it was or how you switch the light on or who I was.

At one point, I thought I was about to be blown over a cliff and into a waterfall. On another occasion I almost boiled alive in a particularly hot geothermal spring (because in Iceland they assume you have common sense and if somewhere is too hot you'll know not to blithely continue swimming there).

One evening on a bus I spent ten minutes watching a gull trying to sneak its way into a sleeping duck herd on the harbour. During that same evening we spent three hours looking for green lights in the sky and I spent at least half of one of those hours in a small cafe staring at the candles on the table waiting for the rain to take a breath.

At some point, I realised being sick in Iceland is much the same as being sick anywhere except in Iceland you enjoy it much more.

You enjoy the people who are friendly and eager to talk about almost anything they can. You enjoy the free wifi, which seems almost as abundant as the geothermal and renewable power. You enjoy the weird short films in the Reykjavik International Film Festival even though you are drowning in buckets of tissues during the one and a half hour screening; you especially enjoy the way nobody complains about you sniffling in the corner.

Reykjavik is just as full of colour as the landscape that surrounds it, which is smudged black and then blanketed in vibrant green moss and grasses. The land is alive in Iceland; something about it was rejuvenating to me. When we left for Iceland I knew I would enjoy it (did I mention free wifi everywhere because omg fab) but what I didn't expect was to fall in love with the land -- so similar to the one I live in, even in texture and colour, but so much more alive because volcanoes.

I'm not really sure I can accurately express how great Iceland was for me so I will leave you with some pictures I took when I wasn't marvelling at weird things in my cold-addled state like how well zips work and what a great invention shoes are and what you call a group of sleeping ducks.

What great inventions have you been marvelling at lately? Is there a place you can go to when you're sick or in need of inspiration that rejuvenates you? Do you have instagram? I caved and now have approx 1 billion photos of moss and volcanic flowers over here.