I like to browse the depths of the internet when I'm not writing and lo and behold this week we have another google autocomplete list of questions I've attempted to answer for the masses. They're steadily getting more obscure and harder to answer but we love difficult questions here!
Before we start let me just admit that I titled this post weeks ago and left it blank and now I don't really know why it's called quickfire but I'm going to try and be true to the spirit of the title anyway. Let's begin:

Should I join the writers guild? 

Yes. [If you want to. It's not mandatory for, like, book writing but for some things it is (like some screenwriting) to give you a better time. Guilds both are and are not exactly like game guilds. They may or may not have secret initiation ceremonies (idk) but they definitely do offer like legal vetting etc etc and events so that's a thing. Honestly, it depends where you are in your career and whether or not you already have that kind of service.]


Should aspiring writers have a blog?  Maybe. [Hahaha, funny thing. My blog was previous locked (but not deleted) for a while and let me tell you in those two weeks I was both with and without a blog and it was not great so what I'm saying is choose one and go for  it don't sit on the fence. The fence hurts and feels like ants in your pants.]

Should freelance writers incorporate? No. Yes? [Apparently this lowers taxes and rainbows and lollipops and liability for freelancers who need protection from liable things. So that's good. I mean, I'm essentially Han Solo on the matter. I have no idea what I'm doing or what this is but give me a scene and I'll pretend like I do and also steal all the hearts.]

Should I join a writers group? Yes. [If you enjoy honing your skills with peers, figuring out how to socialise, realising these people are great because you can be awkward and they find it charming, and writing. If those things then yes].

Are you in a writers group or guild? Do you have a blog? I do, you're in it, but as I say it was once in limbo and in those moments waiting for a decision on its fate I realised I truly need this blog essentially to type random words and place weird gifs in but that is reason enough right?