The Fault in Our Stars Film Review: PART ONE

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to go see The Fault in Our Stars in the cinema at an advanced premiere screening. If you don't know what this is, let's just say is a great summer romp and fun for all ages and you will love it.
Anyway, I was going to type a few thoughts I had about the film here but I read somewhere on the good ship internet that TFIOS is embargoed from reviews until June 6, when it's released, and far be it from me to break an embargo so, instead, I'm going to tell you about the things that happened around the film and you need to come back on June 6 for part two during which we can actually talk about the film content.

So, let's get down to what happened on the day:

the first thing nobody was sure where exactly the screening was taking place inside what is probably the biggest cinema I have ever been inside in my life ever and this led to a small part of me wondering whether the event was some kind of elaborate hoax

the second thing  me and my compadre decided to just hop on an escalator, instead of looking for a map/steward, during which time I became convinced we needed to trail the people ahead of us because they looked like they also read books and would logically know where TFIOS was happening as possessers of the secret book-knowledge

the second and a half thing  unbeknownst to my companion I started quietly humming crime drama theme tunes and pretending we were on a mission to stop the kidnappers from taking the thing with the thing as we followed the book-lovers

the third thing I soon regretted the decision to ride the escalators as the trail of the book-lovers went cold and then I immediately noticed a handful of teenagers following us as if we had any idea where we were going

the fourth thing  the group multiplied exponentially and grew arms and legs and it was suddenly as if we were famous and/or tour guides

the fifth thing having a group of 17 year old girls following you up escalators when you're not even sure of what is at the top and whether there even is an end to them is super terrifying, like, I love you guys but just because I am 23 does not mean I know what I am doing with my life omg don't put that kind of pressure on me

then we got to the billionth floor and there were no more escalators so we had to get off

then  we ran to the nearest foyer area to lose the group in a crowd which, happily, turned out to be the TFIOS queue and I stopped sweating so profusely

also there was popcorn, a free tshirt, and a huge queue to surrender your phones because of secrets

twenty five billion minutes later there were also books, bookmarks, and juice on our seats which was delightful because what is coconut water anyway? it looked great. i forgot to drink it because

crying I don't think it technically counts as a review if I tell you I cried

also lots of other people did too

So! There you go! What happened around (mostly before) TFIOS! Are you excited for the release? Do you have your tissues handy? Seeing a book turned into a film is always super emotional anyway even before you consider what book this is.