Hi guys! I'm surrounded by tissues at my desk right now and super ill and feeling like negative a million dollars but I really wanted to bring you something special today because there are tonnes of things in the world worse than a cold and we all deserve to smile! I asked the fab author Amalia a while back if I could talk to Thor and, as you might have guessed, he's super busy most of the time with being in books, making thunder, and most recently he said he was washing his glorious hair (okay, I added in the glorious part), which made sense to me so I didn't question it. Anyway! Today he has nowhere to hide! I'm still in my PJs and frankly I'm going into work in them too, but for the moment let us bask in the glorious thing that is talking to Thor about Amalia's new book in her book blog tour! Anyway, let's get started:
Hello Mr Thor, sir! Tell me about Fate Forgotten (Amalia's book) from your POV. 
Fate Forgotten is the story of Eve's journey through history and into the future. At times, her story is told through my eyes. At others, through her own. The futuremost aspect, much to my dismay, is told from Adam's point of view. But I must admit that it is his perspectives which are most crucial for understanding the events of that time.

What makes Eve special? What do you think her greatest strength is? 

She is a goddess living among men as one of their own, accepting with Grace each new life she is given, and striving always to bring peace where she goes. It is much more than can be said for many other gods and goddesses. We are concerned only with our own flocks, that we might keep what power we have left, but Eve gives her love and blessings freely, wherever she finds herself.

Do you think Adam can redeem himself?

I do not care for him or his arrogance. He has no respect for any beyond himself. But those wiser than myself have suggested I judge him too harshly for simply using the power he has been given, and only because he does not use it so selflessly as Eve. I have seen him work in this world, and I have seen his selfishness at every turn. But I have also known Eve's love, seen its influence upon others. I am not fool enough to underestimate her power.
Do you think Asgardian's understand sacrifice in the same way humans do?
My father gave up his eye in exchange for the wisdom and power to leave his world and save our people from certain destruction. Sacrifice is part of our heritage, our beginning, and nothing comes without a price. Though as gods, it may be true that we do not suffer so much as men might, we do not hesitate to give of ourselves for the sake of those within our charge, when we must...Or at least, *I* do not. Perhaps I should not speak for the others. Since we came to this world, things have changed, and much that I have taken on faith has been proven wrong. It seems, of late, we Aesir have grown more selfish in many ways.

But it is true also, that we have less to fear, even if the sacrifice we are called to make is our lives — and death is not always so permanent for us as it is for your people — so perhaps, in the end, sacrifice comes more easily to us than it might for mortals. Certainly there are bound to be exceptions, men and women who transcend the limitations of their mortality, behaving selflessly without thought or consideration for gain, and they should be honored all the more so for their courage and strength, most especially by their gods.

Can I borrow your hammer? I fear even with the help of your zombies, you would not be able to lift it.

I just need it for a second. I would not entrust it into any hands but mine, even for a second. And if you will recall, on the last occasion you requested my aid and the use of my belongings to achieve your goals, nothing returned that did not have to be scrubbed repeatedly before it might be handled again. I know, I just don't see how they would slobber on it when I'm using it on a wall. They would not need to if your hand is already soiled with it. To say nothing of the glitter. Amalia would not appreciate the tracking of glitter into her home by way of Mjolnir upon my hip.

The glitter would slide right off! I honestly don't see how it's a even factor. You forget the sheer quantity of glue with which your zombies are known to use, sticking feathers and glitter upon even the most nonporous of surfaces. Or do you forget also what became of Gungnir when the Zombies were allowed in its presence?

That was one time. One time is all that is required to see them banished from Hlidskjalf for all eternity. Gungnir is still afflicted with bits of unnatural sparkle. Every time it is touched, there is more to be found,

Well, sometimes if you sing the glitter kind of oozes out so that's probably your main problem there. And how would you have stumbled upon magic of that nature?

That's not important! I'm the one asking questions! So. Tell me, where can we get Amalia's fabulous book? 

Mmph. Very well. I am told they are available on the line, which is evidently somewhere Amazonian, as well as among the Barns belonging to the Nobles, though why this is so, I am uncertain — I would not think a barn would make the best space for reading.
Thanks Thor! What do you guys think? You'd lend me your hammer, right? There are plenty of legitimate reasons I might want a hammer and maybe none of them have to do with dipping it in a vat of glitter. Maybe none!
Keep smiling. ILY all more than a vat of twinkling glitter <3