Give Me Writing Or Death: Ready. Set. Write!

The sun is shining, the pollen is drifting, and the tea is boiling. At last! It's time to dust of my keyboard, clean up my files, and make a go of a little bit of a lot of writing! I've been busy recently but that's no excuse to slow down (and I definitely have slowed down). Hence! I'm joining a thing called Ready. Set. Write! and I hope maybe you'll join me. I missed the first round of posting because of reasons (and somehow missed the second posts too) but I am so on top of this! Wooo! The basic idea was proposed by Katy Upperman and a whole host of other fantasmical people. All we do is commit to the words in our blogs every whenever and this is a good thing because it helps us finish what we started, even if when we started we didn't realise these words were going to snowball into something so massively awesome that we can't figure out and slightly scares us a lot.

This ended badly the other seventy kabillion times I've ever done things that are similar but I like to try things and I am pretty good at writing occasionally. So! Let's do this! Hear are my summer goals.

1. Write 500 words: Per day over the summer! And they will be fabulous! And this should be easy! And I will not become over confident in my abilities or slack off or just write the same word over and over and over again.

2. Think hard: I will also spend some time thinking! I am normally a pantser (see here for more details on that hahaha) so it might be good to really figure out the main character's motivations and understand all the things this summer while I am doing the I-can-write dance. I will also then attempt not to be freaked out by the inner-most thoughts and intentions of my characters'.

3. Editing: I already do this, but I know there are a lot of rewrites and tweaks I've been meaning to do but just got distracted. Not this time! This time Operation Awesome Editing is happening! I will not get distracted. And I will not beat myself up when I do. And I will absolutely not throw things out of windows.

4. Misc:  I will spot typos at 100 paces. I will continue my accidental mission to burn all the appendages on all the appliances in my home! I will write like there is no tomorrow! And I will only occasionally stay up until 3am writing something that I'm not sure if it is the wrong side of genius.

So those are my goals. What are your goals? Up for joining me? I am also thinking of joining WRiTE CLUB this year, which is like a poetry slam but online and with 500 words of writing and it is absolutely the best! I keep saying I will do it but I bottle out but this year! No! DL Hammons, I am joining this thing! Woo!