Life Lesson: The Things I Love

I tend to enjoy the finer things in life — words that move me, cups of tea on snowy days, the smell of a new book, the look of a new day (preferably after the am period I am so not a morning person), that moment when I find the missing half of my pair of gloves while simultaneously realising I have enough bread for a sandwich this morning. Indeed! And perhaps there is no greater thing than a phrase that shakes me to the core. I like other things that shake me too though. And I love the vibrations that wash over me when something doesn't just make a noise but it roars.

The ocean can roar just as loudly as a roller-coaster when it wants, but the ocean scares me more often than not*. I like to watch it from the shore, instead of from the perspective of a probable future drowned person** and feel the sound that can creep into my bones. I like to feel it in my chest, and know that it is not just emotions that can move me but the physical world too. I like to be reminded that there is a hidden power in this universe.

When I know something for certain, I sometimes feel it like that. I make decisions based upon the tension in my muscles and the vibrations in my bones. So maybe there's a sense of certainty when I feel a song literally shake me as I stand. Maybe I find a sense of the profound in that rush of air, and the loudest feel of noise I've ever know, when I watched a shuttle launch from a few miles away as a child.

Also, maybe that's the little known thing: I once got to watch a Nasa shuttle launch. It was awesome and, like so many of the best events in my life, I didn't bother to film it. It wasn't the sight that moved me anyway, but the vibrations of the earth. What do you love? I'm sure my love of roaring sound is reflected in my reading. I love books that are full of sensations. Physical feelings are just as important as emotional ones, I think. 

* genuinely that is kind of a thing that also, at some point, we should talk about; I mostly call it a respect of the sea but who am I kidding? It scares me. **my own personal view omg seriously