5 ways to start healthy in 2013: LITERARY STYLE

Health is always important, but it always seems to be that at the beginning of a year peeps be especially concerned with it. Today, I have come up with a handy list to assist in literary health! Oh yes! I don't actually go in for real health because I'm pretty sure that is just a myth hahaa. But bookish health is important!  We must maintain book health! So, yes, anyway, here are five literary healthy ideas for 2013:  

1. Lifting weights books:

Weights are boring. Weights are so easy to drop and have no discernible plot! Instead just try lifting books. Reorganise your bookshelves! That's pretty heavy, yo. Shift book reading positions often and with enthusiasm. If this is too easy for the more skilled among you consider reading a) a longer book or b) with an additional book held simply to increase weight.
Difficulty: 2
Reward: bookshelf heaven, and excuse to read, also probably good arm muscles

Main issues: could drop book and endanger face, books may refuse to go back in the shelves

 2. Workout Re-enact scenes:

Workouts (as far as I can tell)(I mean, it's not like I've ever done one hahaha) just don't have the tension and excitement of a good novel.  Why not re-enact something far more heart pumping? For those health boffins out there in search of something challenging the 75th Annual Hunger Games might be just the ticket!

Difficulty: 1-5 (scene dependent) Reward: you get to pretend to be in a novel, adult make-pretend, I cannot overemphasise the fun Main issues: looking crazy, forgetting the lines to the scene, being over ambitious with scene props

3. Squats The book squat:

I'm mainly winging this one but for every time a book makes you smile, laugh, cry or [insert emotion here] do a little squat! Then, when reviewing the book you can basically judge how good the book was by how many squats were performed. Later in the year you can tell how many good books have been read by how toned your legs of steel are. I can see the SQUAT REVIEWING SYSTEM becoming a big thing in 2013.

Difficulty: 3.5

Reward: You are a squat review system pioneer, also legs of steel

Main Issues: being caught squatting and crying in a corner, forgetting how or when to squat

 4. Weight Word gain/loss:

Writers write. Writers edit.  A healthy 2013 will involve at least one of those two! I didn't write maybe as much as I wanted in 2012 (although to be honest I set ridiculous goals and I did underestimate the stress of graduating omggg, and I did finish and write several WIPs) but I did a) pen a very acceptable amount and b) write consistently. I always think consistently writing it tres importante!

Difficulty: 12.5

Reward: all the words, a grand 2013, the greatest fun a person can have

Main Issues: losing the plot, insecurity, worry, anxiety, forgetting how to spell

 5. Stretching:

Leading on from #4 is stretching! You wouldn't leap outside for a 5 mile run in the pouring rain without at least a little warm up unless you were, like, I don't know maybe Batman or something and even then he has that special knee fixing tech so really he is cheating. So! Why exhaust your literary muscles before stretching them a little? Warm up!

Difficulty: 1

Reward: easier word marathons, things like nanowrimo will be easy breezy, all the words

Main Issues: your stretch might accidentally turn into a 5 mile run figuratively speaking


So! What literary healthy kicks are you planning come 2013? With me on the squatting system? It's okay, I'm not really sure I'm with me on that one...