I recently reordered my bookshelves by colour because honestly I was getting a little bored of the alphabet and so many of them are such brilliant shades. It took longer than expected (because, unlike with the alphabet, I didn't know how many colours I needed to account for), and I ended up with at least fifty shades of black (hehehe). Aside from the darkest dark (of which I ended up with two shelves full) some interesting trends emerged from this exercise.

Now, I thought, seeing as how orange is my favourite colour, that a great deal of covers I own would be of a similar shade. Nothing weird, I just have a natural disposition to pick up orange books! However, what I ended up with surprised me:

I do have maybe an unusual amount of orange-red books (21), but not more than half a shelf's worth. No no! The majority of my books are actually either black (see above)(41) or blue (26). Even though blue is far from my favourite colour, I must confess to enjoying a great deal of books from within this category of cover.
So what is up?! Here's what I think: 2012 was the year of the blue cover. Observe.



I mean, there were plenty of other books of other colours published last year, but whenever I browse a list I am overwhelmed by the gorgeous covers that have blue in them! I happen to have loved the books of 2012, so this is not particularly a problem for me or anything but I do find it interesting. Black is always an overwhelming theme in YA covers, I would argue, due to the Twilight-effect (a minimalistic cover all in black besides from a single line of wonderful colour storms the charts?)(it makes sense to me that you see a great number of dark covers in YA). But what is this new theme? Who started it? I like it a lot! Colour is wonderful.

So what's going to happen in 2013 with our covers? Hahahah. I have no clue. Looking at this list and just guessing it looks like more blue in the east, with pink sweeping across in light showers from the north. In some areas there's been a red cover warning issued too, so hold onto your umbrella and look out for that!

What's your favourite cover of 2012? Liking the blue?