Catching Falling Knives

I don't normally do end of year posts looking back at things because honestly a lot of the time I am trying really exceptionally hard to forget all the inadvisable things I have done in a year and how awkward it all was. This year was exceptional, though. I still ran into a lot of stationary objects (mainly corners of beds and door handles, although there was this one time I fell up some stairs)(okay, I did that last one twice), and I still had incredibly awkward conversations with strangers who scared me just a little bit (okay, a lot).

But I'm pretty sure I dodged a few stationary objects this year too. I met a lot of strangers, but those strangers quickly turned into friends. I got to watch people I knew were awesome share their brilliance with the world.

And, I read a lot. Also there was this one incident when I caught a falling knife by its handle. It was potentially disastrous, definitely risky, but ultimately incredible. I like to think this describes both the knife incident and my 2012 as a whole. My year was catching a falling knife by its handle. My year was appreciating the good times, and laughing a lot. My year was realising that it's okay to not know what you're doing until you do it. My year was learning to trust in myself. My year was falling in love.

I don't like making predictions because I know how unpredictable a year can be. And I know change comes from the heart, and not just from a promise made when the light is extra sparkly and you're feeling extra thoughtful. That said, here's to grander 2013. Here's to finding the light in everything.

Happy new year, guys! How was your 2012? Any EXCITE on the horizon for 2013?