Allow me to re-introduce myself

It's been a long while since I've actually just said hello to people wandering around the interwebs and falling into the bottomless pit of literary jam & toast. So! I'm taking part in a super speedy blogfest that will let us exchange info and get to know you guys! In the spirit of things you get to know just a little more about me (although, honestly, who does not love the weird desperation of my pros and cons list in the about me page?)(me, I don't).

I'm Mia, a YA writer. Once upon a moon, I was born. Twenty-two years of subsequent worldly experiences has led me to such genius ideas as the kindle fetchinator, the siri-library loaning system, glue pie, and the time-toaster (still in the works). When I'm not writing, I'm studying for an MRes in Psychology. When I'm not doing that I'm pretending to be the editor of a student science magazine. When all of those things are not an option, generally I'm still writing.

One of the main things you need to know about me, though, is that while I don't necessarily only write about them all the time, I have a deep interest in zombie stories. It's not about the gore or the violence for me, but how zombies bring about certain characteristics of people.

One of my favourite zombie novels of all time is Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. As with most of the brilliant books I happen upon, I took a chance on this while browsing my local horror section. I wasn't actually looking for horror, that particular time, but the people in the bookshop and I seem to have massively differing opinions on what constitutes horror and what does not*. So! What you have to do is search out-with your parameters to locate what you want. Disagreements aside, I took this book home, opened it, and closed it some seven hours later having read through the entire thing with only the occasional pee, tea, and sandwich breaks. It was, quite simply, incredible. I've never read a book from the perspective of a zombie that was so full of humanity, and charm. I've never read a post-apocalyptic novel that so perfectly captured the hope of the beginning that inevitably follows the end.

Anyway! That was a kind of accidental book review there so! Onwards! Tell me a little about yourself! What is your favourite thing? Favourite book? Tell me more about yourself! If you'd like to sign up for the blogfest clicky here! I think there may be a little time left! *I imagine this is a hard decision for anyone to make; you'll never please everyone!