Naked Beans Post

For a few brief moments of clarity last week I had a thought about writing and food. Unfortunately, as most thoughts do, it fluttered away before I had a chance to write anything but this on my phone, which is confusing even to me and probably says something about the standard of ideas I have late at night:


Are the beans naked because somebody stole their clothes or because they are liberal and free dancing in the dark? Why are we eating them? How is this like writing? These are just a few questions that faced me in the harsh morning light as a perused through the note.

Never one to be defeated by something written in the moments just before sleep! I took a candid shot this weekend (below) and worked my magic and thought long and hard and here's what I probably maybe thought just before typing out NAKED BEANS.

Being creative can be an inspired process. It can be fun, and super fantabulous. It can be a whirlwind that occasionally brings you to you knees. And sometimes, most times for me, it restores you. And sometimes, but not always, it destroys you. Results aren't always immediate but they are deep, and they are meaningful. Occasionally you express something that is just pure feels. But always. Always. It is what you make of it.

I think a lot of things in life are what you make of them — just looking at a tree isn't enough, you have to want to see the beauty, you have to know it's already there — none more so to me than Alphabetti Spaghetti.

That's right. I said it. Alphabetti Spaghetti is what you make of it. And, like life, like writing, sometimes you get a less than desirable tin. Sometimes you don't have enough Es or enough Ms to make the words you want and, instead, you're stuck with the ones that come naturally. You have to take what you can when you're creating.

It's hard to do but I'm trying. Only when I accept that some days my tin just won't have any wonderful Ds or awesome Js will I be able to use what I have.

What do you do when creating, and remembering things, gets hard?