How to Introduce Yourself As A Writer

Step One: The Approach

This step is integral to the process. Approach the person, either IRL or URL. Get CLOSER. It is kind of difficult to tell people things when you are not in communication with them. Billboards are kind of expensive to hire out, yo. And I hear sending flyers out is also pretty pricey. Printing on balloons is fun though, so I can't blame you if you want to try that.

Step Two: The Start

Often people like it if there is RELEVANCE to what you say. So, unless you choose to JUMP RIGHT IN THERE and say it immediately (if so proceed to step five) there needs to be a work up. Maybe begin by steering a conversation to books. Maybe saunter up HOLDING a book then you say, "Speaking of books, I'M TOTES A WRITER OMG" and wait for the appropriate reaction. Tenuous links are fine at this point.

Step Three: The Questions

Don't leave them hanging! From the outside anything can sound mysterious, dangerous, or confusing. Be willing to hold a little mini Q&A sesh.

Step Four: The Bibliography

It's OKAY to tell people you are not published. That is a totes acceptable answer when they NATURALLY ask about your books. Don't take it offensively! They are just wanting to read you like a book. Hahahahaaaa. I'm awesome at jokes, right? Anyway, once you have told them what you have/have not written tell them about some of your ideas. Recommend a few books. Be proud of your book heritage. Unless it is shady. Like... fifty shades of grey... *narrows eyes*


How do you tell people you are a writer? What WORDS do you use specifically to break the news? I never remember what I say but I must say something. Mostly people catch me writing things and then I have to confess. Hahaha