The Interwebs: The Pros.

1. Searchyness:

Nobody has to ever see your search engine questions but you. And, sometimes, it is really useful to have your history there for reference in novel writing. I know I use that ink question all the time. I can find anything using my previous searches. It is awesome.

2. Friendliness:

Everyone is so friendly! It is like we are all having a huge party all the time! And you can leave and return and be welcomed with open arms! You can have all the support you want! I genuinely love that part. Also that you can take breaks and be all SHHHH GUYS I AM KIND OF WRITING and instead of getting upset you are 150% likely to get a few people cheering you on. Lovely.

3. Easyness:

Even when you encounter somebody who is not so friendly it is easy and often super fun to deal with them

4. Buyingness:

Anything you want ever, you can probably find and/or purchase. I don't know about you but I do not live in a shopping mecca so this is very handy. Anything can be yours! Boots? Books? Unicorn Meat? Sure! We'll ship that for you! Do you want to upgrade for an extra amount of money also? I know, we always ask and you say no but we have to check!

5. Craziness:

It is really easy to imagine away the sub standard areas of the interwebs by pretending there are a whole bundle of toddlers that have stolen a bunch of technology and are running rampant around the place. It really makes things interesting.

What are your favsies parts of the interwebs? Any special places you like to go? Man, I love watching things unfold in comments on the interwebs sometimes. Time consuming activity but totally worth it.