The Interwebs: The Cons.

1. Smartness:

You can look really smart and have all the answers at the drop of a hat. Or the click of a button. But when wikipedia gets sick we are all going to look pretty... um... kind of... a little not smart. *CRAZY EYES*

2. Fastness:

You can talk to people thousands of miles away without having to shout, or wave flags, or wait weeks for things to happen.But you can also stick your foot in your mouth from thousands of miles away, FYI. And that can be awkward.

3. Closeness:

You can have your WIPs and work and assorted things read and looked at and corrected by a load of awesome people a long way away and feel really close. But sometimes people can forget you are actually not really physically close and foreign lands spell things differently. So. Yeahnn

4. Educationess:

You can learn a lot... um... mostly about people... but it can kind of lead to a little loss of faith in the comments section of things. Also it is distracting. Weren't you trying to query? Stop reading the crazy comments!

5. Usefulness:

There is a tool for everything omg. Want a character to be named? Kablamy. It is done. Need to know your chances of being a unicorn? Woo! Got you covered. Now look up how generate covariances! Now find a tool for highlighting dirty words in newspaper websites! Yes! Oh, wait, but, no, weren't you supposed to finish your MS like 5 days ago? Yeah. Man. Tools are so distracting.

What do you consider CONS of the interwebs? How do you avoid them? Generally I cave to distractions I am awful omg. If there was a legit unicorn calculator I think I would use it all the time maybe I should make one? Stay tuned for Pros of the interwebs! It is not all doom and gloom I just wanted to give you the bad news first, guys. NB: I actually love cats omg.