Useful Invention #67: The Fetchinator

Anyway, all this infographic really serves to say is THIS IS SOMETHING I THOUGHT OF and this is also what happens when you leave me alone for too long, I have ideas, and they are brilliant for all of the twenty minutes I follow them through and then I realise they are pretty redundant. Haha. I've been away for a while, yes I have! Andd updates are long overdue, but the other thing that happens also when I have these ideas is they won't go away until I tell somebody. So I am telling you. Now. The Kindle Fetchinator. Yep. I made that one up. Kind of awesome in a weird way, right? Have you been making things up whilst I have been missing? Uhm, I mean, in a creative way not, like, lying. Wait, sometimes lying can be creative. Okay. Uh. Have you been inventing? Mmm? I have been reading a great deal, trying to catch up on all that I am behind on! Great fun! Okay, okay, also sometimes I have been creatively lying on paper... it's called writing. *SMILES*