Aesir Legal; Glowsticks & Marbles & Shoe Swapping Drama.

"You can't try to do things; you simply must do them." Ray Bradbury

We are nearing the end of a saga, folks! It began with my zombies and I rushing onto the scene because we'd accidentally created a little drama and needed to lie low. But we've been doing anything but that! There have been electrocutions, and feather pasting, and armour drooling, and border threatening and all kinds of excitement! I one point I almost kicked a miniature Lady Justice statue in the face. As you can imagine, this was all very stressful for us at the time. Anyway. We left our heroes, myself and Amalia, in the midst of solving a crime involving a department store hosiery section, Asgardian gold, and the implication that Amalia really verily dislikes indoors spiders. We will now join our cast as they meet up! And the final chapter begins to unfold! It's just me this week, Amalia has very kindly agreed to conclude the series next week while I am in the midsts of exams. I'm sure I could conclude it if you made me, because this is a totally real story, but after exams my brain tends to get a little... umm... jittery, shall we say. All the connections get crossed. It's not pretty. So! Onwards with the last episode of mine! I stumble, and almost fall twice, walking over to the table in the centre of the room we enter.

The lack of balance is partially my fault. Well, okay, mainly my fault. Call me cautious but after Thor's last accident involving my heart and a high voltage swapping shoes with Tyler just seemed to make sense at the time.  They have rubber soles, after all. I say swapping, Tyler has hung my trainers around his neck by their laces like some kind of super cool man necklace.
Amalia's eyes are all over the place as I approach; they settle on mine for just a moment before glancing away to check out the corners of the room. I was under the impression, given by Baldur after he finally suggested we adjourn to the Great Hall, that basically everything was straightened out. But even the way my zombies, my zombies who are normally too focussed on things like scrapbooking or collecting watches, crowd around where she and Thor sit in a way that is unsettling.
It's subtle, Adam has them making paper chains, but the unease is there.
"Alright, spill," I hiss catching Adam's arm and pulling him around the table. For a moment he looks completely baffled, and waves the glowstick he holds around like he can shake the answer out of it. Eventually he takes some feathers out of his pocket, fluffing them between his hands.
"We had a little accident with the walls in the rooms," he speaks quietly, covering his mouth with a half raised hand as Amalia and Thor shoot glances our way. "I can assure you, well Thor has assured us, that it will all clean up no problemo."
"Umm. Great!" I say, tapping my fingers together. I can't not praise Adam for thinking ahead about the clean up. It's taken years for me to get him to understand there is a difference between habitable area and toxic biohazard suits being needed. "So, uh, I actually meant RE Amalia's pale faced look of horror."
Adam's expression drops, and when a zombie's face drops it makes stronger people than I  hold out nets to catch it. It's that loose.
"So Adler vamoosed. She's revoking the attack charges so that is excellent. Woo! Go team zombie!" he says loudly, taking a step back and addressing the room. 
Tyler clenches his jaw at Adam, and seems to twitch into a head shake.  Amalia and Thor share a look. I can't tell if it's a so she clearly still does not have those zombies under control or something more.
"Adam," I say slowly. He waves me away and gives me the not now secret hand gesture. It's not often I ignore our agreed upon secret code but if any time warrants it, I think it might be now as the Zombie treaty still hangs in the balance and the Asgardian borders teeter between open ands shut.
I clear my throat.
"Adam, what is going on here?" 
Despite addressing my zombie, I can't resist turning and giving each and every person in the room a I am pretty serious here glance. Including the remarkable silent Bragi, who appears to have been strung up against the wall with a mixture of chains, feathers, and sparks.
Adam clears his throat. There's a rumble, and I see him consider the possibility that he might be about to catch some of Thor's voltage.
"" he says raising his voice over another wave of thunder. I glance over to Thor but he's not looking at us, his head is tilted and his eyes narrow at the door. I wonder if he even realises what he is doing.
Adam continues, "The question is... um... more of a who rather than a what."
The rumbling is back, and by the way Thor casts his eye over Amalia before shifting his body to shield her as he stands I know it is not thunder now. Actually, the louder it gets the more it sounds like feet. Or the rolling of a thousand marbles along the slabs of the floor.
The more I listen the more it sounds like an arrival.
When I cast my gaze to Amalia, finding her eyes wide and her brow set, she mouths one word across the room.
Alas! I must leave you there! Ahhh! Who is this Sif character? What's with the possible marbles? Join us, Amalia, next week to find out!
As a total aside glowsticks are awesome, right? There was this one time, at a friend's birthday party,  we hung glowsticks all around by the edge of the water and partied. It was fabmazing. This was only about a year ago, FYI. I had so much fun. Oh, also this was Loch Ness. THEY LET YOU DO THAT THERE. TOTALLY. Had an fun experiences with glowsticks? Or Loch Ness? Or just IN GENERAL recently? My life is pretty not awesome right now what with the impending doom of exams, haha, feel free to share some good or exiting news. Actually I could just go for news right now. I have NONE.