Let's Talk Punctuation.

So! Partly because I am a nerd, partly because I read a whole bunch, but mainly because I enjoy writing! Punctuation has become a big thing in my life of late. Like, it was always there taking up space and nodding to me during awkward bathroom clashes in the morning but, if this is even possible, recently it has started taking over my life. I guess, finally, we have realise how important we think the other person is in this duo! Anyway! Spurred on by my recent interest in Punctuation I thought I'd list a few of my favourite parts of it. We all have favourites, yea? This is normal? *TWITCHES*


1. Comma:

I overuse commas a lot but really this is just FOR FEAR OF MY LIFE since commas, we all know, are very important. Things that make commas awesome include i) they are unassuming, and they potter about in the background making sure we are just eating, Sally, rather than eating Sally ii) if you have the correct grasp of them?, you can basically use them to extend the life of your sentence infinitely iii) they have been around forever, mountains have also been around forever and we know they are fabtacular...QED.

2. Semi-Colon:

I find semi-colons so appealing I am going to have to explain why through the use of a drawing. Yeah. I know. Sometimes I wonder what I am on too; hehe.

3. Interrobang:

This little WONDEROUS thing was first proposed way back when I was just a unicorn riding around rainbows and generally lazing about. In other words, 1962. Ahem. Despite an explosive start! It's not as big as I feel it should be. We need to use this more, guys, it is so AMAZBALLS.


4. Question comma:

AHHHH. This is what I have been waiting for my entire life. A theoretical punctuation mark that has not quite hit the big time yet! I predict big things for it, however. Who doesn't like a little question comma action?, nobody.

5. Apostrophes:

Awesome. I love these little marks. They are so useful! Another drawing is in order methinks!

So! What are your favourite punctuationings? Have any obscure not really used ones that you totally love? Mannnn, if there was a question comma on my keyboard I could have totally used that right now. See! This is what happens when we let them take away our theoretical and sort of hipster punctuationings! Ahhhh!