Aesir Legal; Head-butting & Animal Noises & Secret Plots.

"Good writing is like a windowpane." George Orwell

Well! Hello there! Today, as has become something of a norm on a Friday, we are delving into a tale about Amalia, monself, zombies, Thor and other paranormal EXCITEMENT. Need I remind everyone this totally happened to us this one time in the Asgardian Embassy? Along with Amalia, and her earlier part over here, I am simply recounting the truth! Totes!

Anyway. Things to keep in mind today include: I appear to bleeding from my nose, Thor is currently threatening a Vampire I was just locked in a room with, Amalia is awesome, one of my zombies is in love with afore mentioned Vamp, my noseeee hurts pretty bad, yo, anddd mmm, that's about it! Woo! Away we go!

"WAID!" I leap forward as Thor's eyes begin to glow a lighter shade of blue. "DOND HURD HER!"
It kind of stings to speak so loudly through what I think might be my first ever broken nose, it cracked as loud as a gunshot on impact with Adler's face, but I can't have Thor killing the person I want to interrogate. So when he swivels, looking at me with half disgust half exasperation, I say, "Pleade" and try to avoid sniffing.
"What possible reason," Thor pauses, shaking Adler as if she is nothing more than a doll as I feel the air charge once more, "could you have for wanting this unharmed? You do understand, ah, Admiral Hayson, that these beings have a certain tendency to feed on the living and that you are, in fact, presently still residing within the category they deem... fair enough to dine upon?"
"Id's," I begin, pausing to take my hands away from my nose and sniff tentatively. It feels like a thousand wasps are a thousand times angrier than they should be, all up in my nasal cavity, but the blood has dried at least and perhaps I can talk.  I need to talk.
"It's complicated. I need her conscious. She knows things," I say when I've finished dabbing at my nose. I shrug from Amalia to Thor. Thor looks like he couldn't care if she knew ALL THE THINGS AND THEN SOME MORE STUFF as he raises a brow, but I see a flicker of something dart across Amalia's eyes as she considers me.
She holds up a palm as she says, "Wait, maybe you should set her down. Something feels... off. Remember, manufacturing epics and so on."
Thor tilts his head at Amalia, and it seems to me a silent conversation passes between them as sparks fly along his arm and towards the yelping Vampire. I watch them, unable to figure out what epics have to do with anything. Eventually Thor sighs, releasing Adler from his grip by way of dropping her. I might not want the girl dead right now, but I kind of like his style. I find myself hiding a smile as Amalia gives him THE LOOK.
Adler hits the floor like quicksilver, kind of flopping against it lazily. When she stands she makes a beeline for me, and I straighten up, shoving my hands in my pockets in search of a feasible weapon. What I come out with is the remains of a stale, blue at the edges, hot dog. It’s no battleaxe but, who knows, maybe she’s really allergic to mould. Weighing the package in my hand I squint, tilting my head to aim, and find my eyes just covered enough that I am not blinded when Adler pounces straight into some kind of electrical field.
I shoot a glare at Thor, I can handle my own battles, but he just raises a brow before saying, "Perhaps, Miss Adler, you would like to begin by explaining why you felt the need to attack, ah, Admiral Hayson?"
Frozen, glued to the ripples of current that dance around her, Adler glowers.
"She attacked me!" she says as I take a step back.
"Mia would never do anything of the sort!" Amalia says, eyes darting around the room, as Adler begins to make this low growling noise in my direction. "She's president of the Zombie For Life Committee, a member of the Dead-Undead-Other Relations Society, and an active partner in Paranormal Creatures Awesome Con, or ParaCreaAweCon!"
 I'm touched that Amalia has been reading my somewhat sporadic and often CAPS LOCK ridden newsletters but I can't just let another lie perpetuate itself in this Embassy.  I have too many, and this one is easily cleared up. I cough, before saying, "Um, actually, I did kind of sort of definitely make the first move."
I am greeted by a wall of silent shock. Also, Adler making animal noises again.
"Head-butting is totally harder than people make it sound," I add. Amalia's eyebrows  draw a deep V in her forehead as I continue. "Look, she was making le flirty eyes with Bragi, okay? You don't just make flirty eyes with Gods when you are dating a zombie who happens to be in the same room and of my clan. That is not on!"
"Anyway, I just wanted to soften her up for the questioning," I finish with a graceful itch of my elbow.
"The questioning?" Thor says when I lift my eyes from examining the tear in my jeans.
"Well, yeah," I say glancing between Amalia and her Thunder God. "You know, on account of the whole Sif thing."
AHHH SUSPENSE. I actually do not know what is happening. You shall have to wait until next Friday so we can all find out ... er... I MEAN... remember...
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