Guest Post: A Musing Affair

Most creative people rely on a source of inspiration to help them produce their work.  Music is a popular source, whether it be just one song or the elements of music as a whole.  Some people are inspired by the desire to honor someone else: A loved one or someone they particularly admire, for example.  Still others find inspiration in film, books, theater, or their own dreams.  Collectively, these sources are known as “muses.”
The acquisition of a muse is rather simple:
A good muse stands quietly in the corner, poking you with inspiration when passion for your work wanes.  A bad muse just pokes you for no reason.
Sometimes muses stick around for the duration of your career.  Sometimes they fade away.  And other times, well…


The breakup is imminent and it’s emotional for everyone involved.  But the nature of a muse is very forgiving.
We writers need as much support as we can get.  Handle your muses with care.
Who or what is your muse?  Have you ever broken up with a muse?  How did that go?

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